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    Yiyang city, hunan province general spicy food co., LTD., the predecessor of yiyang, hunan foodEFood factories,Was established2008Years,With the continuous development of enterprises in2012Annual change of yiyang general spicy food co., LTD。The company covers an area of42.9m,The annual output can reach6000More than ten thousand yuan,The existing technical backbone40A number of,Employees300More than one。Company focused on the characteristics of hunan hotel food,Hunan taste food and r.f and vegetables and other products research and production。And successfully created“Hunan foodEHome”、“Contact open”、“General hot”The advantages of brand。Be in hunan province...

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    Yiyang city, hunan province general spicy food co., LTD
    The service hotline:400-7050-717

    Calling information:0731-88338157

    Contacts:High manager
    A mobile phone:13618462699
    OnlineQQConsultation:Click here to send a message to me
    The company address:Yiyang city in hunan Long Ling industrial corridor

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