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Heat insulation membrane products:RE20SI | RE30NE | RE40SI | RE50SI
Heat insulation membrane effect
Reduce the energy consumption of refrigeration
Ultraviolet (uv) light
Improve the look of the building
Scope of application
Apply to sun room/Ceiling zenith/The hotel/The office building/Office buildings/The sales department/Villa/The exhibition hall/The museum building glass, etc。
Heat insulation membrane products»More and more
Glass heat insulation membrane|RE20SI
Glass heat insulation membrane|RE30NE
Explosion-proof membrane products:SH4CL | SH8CL
Explosion-proof membrane effect
Safety explosion-proof
The surprise attack
The shower room glass from exploding
Toughened glass from exploding
The smashing DaoQiang
Scope of application
Apply to the surface of be born glass/Glass is cut off/The glass door/Shopping malls fencing/Glass shower room/The bus terminal/The subway and so on glass。
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Glass explosion-proof membrane|SH4CL
Glass explosion-proof membrane|SH8CL
Decorative film products:Frosted glass membrane | Stained glass membrane
Decorative membrane effect
Hollow out lettering
Decorate beautification
Collision avoidance
Red yellow blue green
Scope of application
Suitable for glass shower room/The bathroom glass partition and Windows/The office glass is cut off/Glass curtain wall/Such as construction glass ceiling。
Decorative film products»More and more
Glass decorative film|Frosted glass membrane
Frosted glass membrane
Glass decorative film|Stained glass membrane
Stained glass membrane
Chengdu beauty the tint company is a professional glass film company in chengdu,Professional heat insulation membrane in chengdu in sichuan province/Glass heat insulation membrane/Chengdu sun protection film/Chengdu heat insulation is prevented bask in membrane/Chengdu explosion-proof membrane/Glass explosion-proof membrane/Chengdu grind arenaceous film/Decorative frosted film sales and construction for many years。Provide tint in sichuan/Chengdu tint/Mianyang tint/Zigong tint/Panzhihua tint/Luzhou tint/Deyang tint/Guangyuan glass tint/Suining tint/Neijiang tint/Leshan tint/From the glass tint/Yibin tint/Nanchong tint/Dazhou tint/Yoann tint/Aba prefecture/, t/Liangshan prefecture/Waste/Bilateral/Meishan tint。
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